mBody Center

Providing a range of massage and bodywork services to meet your personal needs.  We offer services that support a range of needs, from deep relaxation, to pain management and oncology massage.

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Wellness in Harmony

Specializing in helping you overcome emotional pain and trauma, we help you remove barriers and achieve a deeper sense of balance in your life.

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It Takes a Village

We love this town.

The health of a community is directly proportional to the health of its members.

True to its name, Phoenixville has risen from the ashes after the fall of the steel industry.  Once a thriving steel town, Phoenxville went through a dark and difficult time when the industry collapsed, yet the heart of the town stayed strong and resilient.  It survived the trauma and loss of it's core industry and learned to adapt, creating a new and vibrant community.

The artists in the community played a huge role in reviving the town and setting it on the path of healing, growth and prosperity.

The revival of this town is an example of the human spirits tremendous capacity to survive, to heal and to thrive.

Like this amazing and vibrant town, each of us suffer through the many challenges and trauma's that life throws us.  Sometimes, we manage to float through - other times, we sink like a stone and need someone to help pick us up and guide us along the way.  Either way, we can rise from the ashes, transformed.

Phoenixville Wellness Partners has come together to create this unique space because we love our home and we long to play a part in helping our community thrive. Our aim is to support the health and wellness of our local community through a wide array of services and classes.


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